You arrived in the Netherlands for one of countless reasons. Looking for a job either from the moment you arrived or few years later is also part of your integration, but do you know where to begin? If you are reading these lines, you started in the right place. We have experienced the same struggles, doubts, and concerns as you, and in case you don’t hold a EU passport, you could relate even more during the next paragraphs, where we’ll provide some advice on how best to structure your job search strategy in the Netherlands.

(Disclaimer: the following tips and comments are for the ‘average’ job applicant; nevertheless, given our own background, we emphasize some details especially on how to approach your job hunting when you don’t come from one of the EU countries.)

First, notice that looking for a job here or anywhere else entails both an online and offline approach. On the former, bear in mind where you stand with your LinkedIn profile, how complete it is. Is your head-shot up to date? Same goes for your education, work experience, and all the other relevant fields. LinkedIn is a powerful tool in Holland with close to 7 million individual users* and the main companies posting their openings on a regular basis**. Keep your profile updated.

Once you get it complete, you need to look for suitable openings. If you are a non-European citizen, we would recommend focusing primarily on those business listed in the “Public Register of Regular Labour and High-Skilled migrants” (list here). In a nutshell, these are the companies that are ready to hire candidates who don’t have an EU passport. Believe us, it saves time. Additionally, bear in mind that in some cases, restrictions on a minimum wage could apply for you as candidate. More info on it on the IND website (note: IND stands for Inmigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst).

On the offline side, networking is another useful resource to include in your job search strategy. Meet people working on your target industries or roles, attend meetups or other group of interests. Go out of your comfort zone and get acquainted with the local culture. This will help you to prepare for the time you get an invite for an interview. Then you could notice certain differences between how interviews are run in the Netherlands compared to your home country. Prepare in advance.

We like to say that looking for a job is a full-time per se. Take it seriously and be disciplined. Set up goals to measure your progress, at your pace but with no further delay. You can ask advice from friends and people in your network or can schedule a FREE consultation here to discuss how we can help boost your career and land the job you want. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletters to stay up to date with our latest posts.