Frequently Asked Questions

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is the process where, using International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core competencies, career coaches act as accountability partners for their clients and work together with them to identify their career purpose and help them achieve realistic career goals based on their personal situation.

Why and when do I need career coaching?

Individual situations on the career arena vary widely and might differ from person to person, but in general they can include, but not be limited to, searching for a new job, dealing with a stalled career, redundancy at work; looking for an internal promotion; dealing with issues with superiors or colleagues; finding what motivates yourself in the workplace; getting close to retirement, etc.

What can I reasonably expect from a career coaching program?

First and foremost, high ethical standards, meaning that you will be treated with transparency and receive open and honest feedback regarding your situation. We, therefore, expect the same from you. This starts from the moment you book a free consultation session: in this 30-minute call, our career coaches will ask you some relevant questions to understand your situation, needs, and your motivation to work with a life coach. Here are some examples of questions you could expect: “why do you want to work with a career coach?”, “have you worked with one in the past?”, “what do you expect from this coaching relationship?”.

Should we consider this coaching program is not the right fit for you, and in case we can’t find a mutual understanding, we will kindly suggest you other options for your situation.

Should we both decide to move forward and establish a coaching relationship, we will customize the program to match your needs, and ask you to give us more information about yourself in order to better understand your personal situation, motivations, and needs. After that, we will get started with the coaching plan.

Most career seekers expect to get a job after their program comes to an end. Although we cannot guarantee this outcome at 100%, we will work together hand in hand to make sure you take the necessary actions towards this result.

How would I benefit from following a career coaching program?

Career seekers will benefit from a coaching program by learning how to take charge of their career future, find a better sense of purpose, and create direction, they maximize their ability to control life-work balance. In general, our clients benefit from their willingness to take risks, actions, and make some necessary sacrifices along the way.

Since our programs are tailored for working professionals, with the possibility of sessions being scheduled after working hours, it means that our clients need to be ready to work hard even after having had a long day at the office. They will have to stay focused on their objectives and visualize the outcome they strive for. But they are not alone. We work together step-by-step and provide them with tools and plans that are necessary for their success.


How do I sign up for your career coaching program?

You can simply schedule a free consultation on our website, and we will take it from there. Otherwise, on our homepage, click on “Our Services” and then on “Career Coaching”. Scroll down and click on “Contact us”. Send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an introductory call. We’ll take care of the next step and will ask you for the details required to move forward.

How many sessions are included in a career coaching package?

There are 10 sessions included in our standard package; however, based on the initial consultation and each client’s specific needs, the number of sessions can be adjusted, and a tailored schedule drafted on request.

What does a career coaching session look like?

It all depends on the coach you are working with and your personal situation. In general, the initial session is an introductory one and goes around some personal details including career history, interests, and motivations. The next sessions will focus on other aspects depending on your goals and objectives.

Say you are looking for a new job, the second session could be used to discuss your ideal work environment, your target industries, functional roles, etc. The next few meetings will help you take practical steps and make progress toward your ambitions. Your coach is here to make you more self-aware while keeping you accountable for your success.

How often do these sessions take place?

Our standard program offers 10 sessions in a time span of 5 months (1 session every two weeks on average); however, we know that clients might have a hard time following this routine.

After the initial discussion and once a joint agreement has been found, the schedule will be tailored to meet your particular needs, but always keep this in mind: you as a client are always responsible for meeting your coach on time. Should you need to cancel a session, a 24 hours’ notice must be provided to your career coach.

What is’s refund policy?

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our coaching program, we will issue you a refund based on a cost per session basis only for the remaining number of sessions left in your schedule. We don’t offer any refunds for our other services (such as CV review or LinkedIn profile review).

Our Mission 

We are here to create the perfect coaching experience for every newcomer looking for a job or a new career opportunity. Whatever your background, student or a seasoned entrepreneur, you will find what you were searching for.



Get to know the country, the local laws, the types of jobs available and everything else you need to know about the expats’ lifestyle in the Netherlands.


Get ready for job interviews and prepare your CV and cover letters during our 1-on-1 sessions. You will also get custom advice based on your profile to help you stand out and showcase your skills differently.


Let us help you find your best job ever based on your personality, skills, and salary requirements. Starting a new career abroad is an exciting adventure!

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