CV Services

CV Check and Review

Do you want to have a custom resume made for the Dutch market? If yes, we can help you. Our career coaches will take a closer look at your CV or help you create a new one. Just send us what you have in word format and answer a few questions to help us understand you better and craft the perfect resume for the position you are applying to. We will then draft a new version of your CV and talk to you on the phone to tell you more about the improvements we have made. You will then get a FREE additional review to make sure everything is perfect.

Each client should upload examples of the positions they wish to apply for.

LinkedIn Profile Check and Review

This is the second most important step to take on your journey to find a new, exciting, job. Your LinkedIn profile is way more than a copy-paste version of your CV. It is a way to showcase your unique talents and skills. Our executive coaching service is here to help you stand out from the other candidates and be noticed by potential recruiters. To get started, you will have to share with us your curriculum vitae and we will then give you an editable document that you can use to update your LinkedIn profile and other relevant social media profiles. Each detail counts, even your picture! Once it’s done, you can schedule a call with us to get briefed on the updates made to your CV. If you need another review, it’s free!

Keep in mind that we can also review your CV if you purchase the “CV check and review” service. You will get a discount if you purchase both services.

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