Career Coaching

Get that job!

This is our flagship program that is required by most of our customers. The standard package that is primarily used by our clients for their individual Career Search Campaigns includes:

  • 10 sessions of around 60 minutes each
  • Custom coaching advice to help you with what you need the most
  • Self-assessment to understand fully your values, motivations, and what drives you on a daily basis
  • Job market assessment (client’s target industry snapshot to better understand the current trends, what employers are looking for, what roles a client should aim for when applying for a job)
  • Understanding what paperwork is required for expats and what laws and regulations they need to comply with, but also, tax issues, pay slip components, etc.
  • Marketing documents preparation (CV, LinkedIn, motivation and cover letters)
  • Active help during your job search
  • Interview preparation (including personalized tips, i.e. dress for success)
  • Understanding the differences between job hunting in Netherlands compared to your country of origin
  • Introduction to our own network of professionals and experts (formal and casual sessions)

Please Note:

  1. This package can be adjusted to meet each individual client’s needs. For specific requirements please contact us before purchasing.
  2. Sessions can take place either in person or remotely via Skype.

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