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Who we are


Expats Coaching is the leading provider of work coaching for skilled immigrants in the Netherlands. Whatever your level of experience or industry, we’ll find a way for you to sell your skills and personality.

The country is full of opportunities, and we are here to prove you that. You might be a business owner, a student, or someone who is exploring the country.

We know what you need to get started in the local job market with nothing more than a CV and a smile. Each coaching package is specifically tailored to your needs, requirements, and budget.

Let us give you a hand and help you find your way in the country. You will get to know better how the Dutch work and what type of opportunities are available with local and international companies. We have years of experience helping new immigrants find their ideal job and fitting into their new environment.


It’s time to level up and take your career to the next level. We are here to assist you in every step along the way by providing you all the information and guidance you need to get proper permits, licensing, documentation and everything else that is required according to the local laws and regulations.

Talk to us and tell us more about your project, your ambitions, and your goals. Your privacy and the confidentiality of the information provided are highly valued and will never be shared with a third party. We work around your schedule to find time for meetings. Whether it’s early in the morning, later in the evening or during the weekend, we will find the time required to work with you on your relocation project.

Don’t delay and contact us today by email via info@expatscoaching.com. We are excited to welcome you to the Netherlands and make you an integral part of the Expat Community!

Our Mission 

We are here to create the perfect coaching experience for every newcomer looking for a job or a new career opportunity. Whatever your background, student or a seasoned entrepreneur, you will find what you were searching for.



Get to know the country, the local laws, the types of jobs available and everything else you need to know about the expats’ lifestyle in the Netherlands.


Get ready for job interviews and prepare your CV and cover letters during our 1-on-1 sessions. You will also get custom advice based on your profile to help you stand out and showcase your skills differently.


Let us help you find your best job ever based on your personality, skills, and salary requirements. Starting a new career abroad is an exciting adventure!


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